Rebooking the InVasion: The Timeline

We rebooked the WWF/WCW Invasion. You can read about that here. This is the roster and timeline we used:

WCW contracts picked up by WWF:
Diamond Dallas Page
Booker T
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Kanyon
Hugh Morrus
Lance Storm
Buff Bagwell 
Mike Awesome
Shawn Stasiak
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Chuck Palumbo
Shawn O'Haire
Shane Helms
Mark Jindrak (Sent to Development)
Shannon Moore (sent to development)
Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli (Sent to Development)
Jamie Noble (Sent to Development)
Jimmy Yang (Sent to Development)
Reno (Sent to Development & Never used)
Disco Inferno (Sent to Development & Never used)
Mike Sanders (Sent to Development & Never used)
Evan Karragias (Sent to Development & Never used)
Elix Skipper (Sent to Development & Never used)
Lash Leroux (Sent to Development & Never used)
Crowbar (Sent to Development & Never used)
Nick Patrick
Charles Robinson
Scott Hudson (Commentator, let go after first appearance)
Stevie Ray (Commentator, let go after first appearance)

Later Signings:
Ric Flair: November 2001
Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan: January 2002
Rey Mysterio: June 2002
Eric Bischoff: July 2002
Scott Steiner: October 2002
Goldberg: March 2003

WWF Roster (2001)
Al Snow 
Big Boss Man
Billy Gunn 
Bull Buchanan 
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho 
Crash Holly 
Dean Malenko 
D-Von Dudley 
Bubba Ray Dudley 
Eddie Guerrero 
Essa Rios 
Gangrel (Released August 2001)
The Godfather 
Hardcore Holly 
Matt Hardy 
Jeff Hardy 
Jerry Lynn 
Justin Credible 
Kurt Angle 
Mick Foley 
Molly Holly 
Perry Saturn 
Scotty 2 Hotty 
Shawn Michaels (As of June 2002)
Spike Dudley 
Stone Cold Steve Austin 
Steve Blackman 
Steven Richards 
Taka Michinoku (Released October 20, 2001)
Terri Runnels 
The Big Show 
The Rock ("Suspended" until July 30, 2001)
The Undertaker 
Triple H
Trish Stratus 
Val Venis 
William Regal

Important Dates in Real Life:

April 2, 2001: The Rock "suspended" from WWF

May 21, 2001: Triple H injured

July 9, 2001: Buff Bagwell fired

July 9, 2001: Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer join WWF

June 24, 2001: Chris Benoit injured 

WWF InVasion airs on July 22, 2001

July 30, 2001: The Rock returns to Raw

November 30, 2001: Chyna leaves WWF, several months after she had been taken off of television.

January 7, 2002: Triple H returns to Raw

April 13, 2002: Kevin Nash injured

May 6, 2002: Scott Hall released

June 3, 2002: Shawn Michaels Returns

June 11, 2002: Steve Austin walks out

July 8, 2002: Kevin Nash returns

July 8, 2002: Kevin Nash injured

March 3, 2003: Steve Austin returns

April 7, 2003: Kevin Nash returns

How the Invasion Began on TV

Lance Storm became the first WCW wrestler to appear on WWF by making a run-in during a match on the May 28 episode of Raw Is War.

At King of the Ring on June 24, then-WCW wrestler Booker T interfered during the triple threat main event match for the WWF Championship and almost cost Stone Cold Steve Austin the title.

On July 2, 2001, Booker T faced Buff Bagwell for WCW Championship as WCW "takes over" Raw is War.

On the July 9 episode of Raw Is War, Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer ran into the ring to help Lance Storm and Mike Awesome against Kane and Jericho. WWF wrestlers The Dudley Boyz, Tazz, Justin Credible, Rhyno, and Raven (all former ECW wrestlers) ran to the ring. After a brief stand-off, the WWF cavalry turned around and attacked Kane and Jericho. This prompted Paul Heyman to leave the announce table and enter the ring. 

WWF Champions in May 2001
WWF Champion: Steve Austin
WWF Intercontinental: Triple H (April 16 - May 20) Kane (won on May 20, 2001)
WWF European: Matt Hardy
WWF Lightheavyweight: Jerry Lynn
WWF Women's: Chyna (Vacated Nov 2001)
WWF Tag Team: Triple H & Steve Austin (April 29 - May 21) / Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho (Won on May 21, 2001)
WWF Hardcore: Rhyno (April 19 - May 21) / Big Show (Won on May 21, 2001)

Final WCW Champions:
WCW Champion: Booker T
WCW United States: Booker T
WCW Cruiserweight: Shane Helms 
WCW Tag Team: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire
WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio (Not used in WWF)

Pay-Per-View Schedule:
January 21, 2001 Royal Rumble
February 25, 2001 No Way Out
April 1, 2001 WrestleMania X-Seven
April 29, 2001 Backlash
May 20, 2001 Judgment Day
June 24, 2001 King of the Ring
July 22, 2001 Invasion
August 19, 2001 SummerSlam
September 23, 2001 Unforgiven
October 21, 2001 No Mercy
November 18, 2001 Survivor Series
December 9, 2001 Vengeance

January 20, 2002 Royal Rumble
February 17, 2002 No Way Out
March 17, 2002 WrestleMania X8
April 21, 2002 Backlash
May 19, 2002 Judgment Day
June 23, 2002 King of the Ring
July 21, 2002 Vengeance
August 25, 2002 SummerSlam
September 22, 2002 Unforgiven
October 20, 2002 No Mercy
November 17, 2002 Survivor Series
December 15, 2002 Armageddon

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