Building a New nWo with John Cena as Leader

The Firefly Funhouse Match (which was fantastic, by the way) made me think of what the New World Order would look like if John Cena did turn heel after this and reform it.

The way I imagine it is Cena leaves for a while, then comes back saying that he was wrong to believe in the future of the company and that WWE doesn't have any stars capable of carrying the company forward. It doesn't have a guy like Steve Austin or the Rock or Hulk Hogan... or John Cena.

And then he leaves.

He returns later, walking down through the crowd (just like Scott Hall on Nitro, we'll assume this happens at a time when crowds are allowed). He interrupts a match between two younger talents (it doesn't really matter who - for the sake of argument, pretend it's Aleister Black and Ricochet or something similar). He attacks both of them and then pulls out the spraypaint. He paints "nWo" on the ring and leaves. Raw ends.

The next week he comes out and says the nWo is about the biggest names in the business. It's a group for Hall of Famers: Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage. There aren't too many wrestlers like that anymore. But he found some. The nWo is back.

Later on in the show, the new nWo debuts, attacking most of the roster and claiming to be the only stars left in professional wrestling. Who is in that new nWo? Here is how I picture it:

Randy Orton

John Cena and Randy Orton feuded for years (and years, and YEARS) but Cena turns to him as one of the biggest stars left in wrestling. Having both of them in it signifies that this is main event stable and a heel stable. The point here is to build a stable filled with wrestlers that people want to boo.

Charlotte Flair

The biggest name in women's wrestling today and the most successful women's wrestler ever. Between Cena, Orton, and Flair, they have 16 world titles, 13 world titles, and 11 women's titles. This accents Cena's point that the nWo is only for proven stars, plus it allows for some interaction with Ric Flair who (outside of the nWo's weird WWE run in 2002) has almost always been very anti-nWo

The Miz and John Morrison

I was kind of unsure about what tag team to choose, but I settled on Miz and Morrison. They're the current Smackdown tag champions (and the brand split is meaningless to the nWo, they move back and forth between shows) and they've both won a lot of gold in WWE.  Together they've won three tag titles and many singles titles (mostly the Miz rather than Morrison, but that's okay), so they fit.

The Big Show

The Big Show will be used in mostly a non-wrestling role that is limited to providing a bridge from the old nWo to the new one and occasionally punching someone out. With Big Show involved, even on a part-time basis, we don't have to have guys like Hogan, Hall, or Nash around (though they could certainly show up sometimes, because you're nWo 4-Life).

There are no "young up and comers" in this nWo. It's not about building new stars by putting them in the nWo. The new stars will be built when they take on and eventually defeat the nWo. Unlike WCW, someone will actually defeat this nWo.

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