Scott Hall was Groundbreaking

I've been thinking about Scott Hall all day, and now the awful news we all sadly expected has come: Scott Hall has died.

Whether you watched him as Scott Hall or Razor Ramon or anything else, he was a groundbreaking star. Those vignettes before he arrived in WWF? Amazing. I distinctly remember saying "YOU WANT ME TO CLEAR THE TABLE FOR YOU, MAN?" to my mom a bunch of times. She should have told me off for being rude.

The ladder matches with Shawn Michaels? Iconic. Telling the ringside assistant that "If something happens to this gold, something's gonna happen to you?" Bad ass.

Razor Ramon was "attitude" before there was "Attitude." He managed to make wrestlers and wrestling look cool. And that's no easy feat. There are a handful of wrestlers who are truly cool, and he was one of them. He was a "cool heel" before we really had cool heels.

Then he showed up on Nitro and the game changed. 

No matter what Scott Hall did, it was groundbreaking. And not just in the ring, but out of it. Him and Kevin Nash changed the business forever. 

The waggling fingers thing? The double arm point? They were all over my high school. 

I remember lining up for hours to get Razor Ramon's autograph when I was a kid. It sucks that he's gone, especially since he seemed to have turned his life around. It's awful that this is how it ended for him. 

I thought about a lot of Scott Hall memories today, but I didn't want to write them down yet. Not while he was still with us. Now that he's gone, I'm not sure what to say. So I'll end this post with some iconic Scott Hall and Razor Ramon moments.  RIP, Bad Guy

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