"GLOW" Season 1, Episode 1

Alison Brie? The 80s? Professional wrestling? Netflix couldn't have created a show more custom-made for me unless they also included "wasting time on social media."

Oh, what's that? I'm a complete stereotype of my age and gender? I see.

Anyway, this is my review of the first episode of GLOW. Let me start off by saying Alison Brie does nudity. I mean, I enjoy professional wrestling and also acting. That's it. Also, this review contains spoilers.

So, basically, the plot of the show is that Alison Brie is an actress who goes to an "audition" that turns out to be a casting call for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Coincidentally, accidentally becoming a wrestler is the same way Roman Reigns got started.

Brie finds herself in a big gym with a bunch of other women and the promoter tells them that he's starting a wrestling TV show and that he needs women wrestlers. None of the women are actual wrestlers, so they'll have to learn as they go. In all seriousness, this is how I imagine ECW starting, but Paul Heyman may have required less nudity (or possibly more).

"If I call your number and say 'thank you,' you've been cut, so dry your tears and leave the ring," says the promoter/director at the first "training session." Now that I think of it, maybe he's more like Vince McMahon than Paul Heyman.

Basically, the promoter wants to take advantage of wrestling's popularity (remember, this is the 80s) and start his own promotion that is all women. What he's really dreaming of is that one of these women will be the female Hulk Hogan, hopefully without the racism.

A fun note is that John Morrison plays their trainer. Annnnddd... cut to a montage of forward rolls and running the ropes. Alison Brie gets cut from the audition by giving her character too much backstory and motivation and not just following "basic direction" so it's like we're watching modern day WWE all of a sudden.

Anyway, Alison Brie is also sleeping with her friend's husband. That's where some more nudity comes in. It's also relevant to the story, of course, and I'm sure this major plot point will be a key storyline in the show.

After she's been cut. she's robbed by some "almost teenagers" and the aforementioned friend comes to pick her up, since her car keys have been stolen. She then goes to scene study class and the coach falls asleep while she is talking. Basically her life is bad, her career is non-existent, and men keep treating her badly.

Desperate to make something in her life work, she starts to study WWF and NWA shows (mostly Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair) to learn from the characters and create her own wrestling persona. She walks back in, with (pretty terrible) wrestling make-up and a costume, and attempts to get back on the show when..... her friends bursts in calling her a "husband fucker!" See, I knew that earlier sex scene was important when it happened, THAT'S why I watched it so many times.

The ensuing fight impresses the promoter who starts dreaming about what his promotion could actually look like, while the two women are continue to fight in the ring.

That's it for episode one. It was quite good and there's a lot of potential here. I'll be watching the rest. I probably won't be reviewing every individual episode, but I will do one at the end of the season.

Did I mention the Alison Brie nudity?

Overall, two thumbs up so far.

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