Really Terrible Wrestling T-Shirts

Yes, a post like this has probably been done about a million times elsewhere, but this is Wrestling Shame, so it needs to be done here too.

Remember 1996 when the nWo and Austin 3:16 happened and being a wrestling fan was cool again? And remember when people could wear wrestling merchandise in public and not be immediately mocked for it?

It seems like so long ago.

Well, do you remember when the APA had a shirt that read "ALWAYS POUNDING ASS" and we were supposed to just pretend that it wasn't about anal sex?

How about the time Kane had a shirt that had a burning cross on it and we were supposed to not immediately think of the KKK?

Or maybe one of the Rock's many terrible t-shirts:

WWF went through an "ass period" in the late 1990s/early 2000s.
Steve Austin once had a shirt that said "WHEN YOU HEAR THE GLASS... THAT'S VINCE'S ASS" but I can't find a photo. I'm not sure who would wear a shirt that says "THAT'S VINCE'S ASS" or "U BRING THE ASS!" on the back.

But it gets worse.

Imagine owning all of these "ass" shirts and wearing them regularly.

Oh God WWF.....

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