Top V: Things Wrestling Fans Ignore to Enjoy Wrestling

Wrestling isn't the most logical thing. Yeah, I know, it's shocking to hear.

However, there are two types of "logic issues" is you ask me. One is simply stupid and a result of lazy writing. It's really frustrating when, for example, two guys who had a bitter feud with one another are suddenly friendly with each other with no explanation given. That's the sort of thing that drives me nuts. Things need make sense at least somewhat.

The other type of issue could be referred to as a "trope," but I'm not going to do that because I'm not entirely sure how to use that word correctly. Anyway, there are certain things that are consistent "flaws" in wrestling but ones that you have to ignore in order to enjoy the show. We all forget about these things when watching because actually thinking about the logic behind them would ruin the program.

So, today, I'm stealing JohnDosPassos2's gimmick and doing a Top V. These are five things that you'll need to ignore if you want to enjoy wrestling.

Why all of that Stuff is Under the Ring

When it comes to "foreign objects" in wrestling, most of them come from under the ring. We've all seen wrestlers pull chairs, ladders, tables, etc. out from under the ring to use them on their opponents. Some of this stuff makes sense. You can assume the chairs are there because that's where the ring crew puts the extras after they've set everything up. Ladders are probably used while putting up the set, so, sure, those make sense too. The fire extinguisher? It's there for safety.

But why tables? When would the ring crew use tables? The type of tables that are pulled out from under the ring aren't really ever seen anywhere else in the arena. So why are they there? And don't get me started on kendo sticks. Why on earth are those under the ring?

This issue isn't as glaring anymore in today's environment but, in the Attitude Era, it was common to find all kind of bizarre things under the ring inclding cookie sheets, stop signs, handcuffs, thumbtacks and more.

One theory is that the wrestlers sneak those items under the ring when no one is watching, but that doesn't really do it for me. Plus, if that's the case, why don't more wrestlers take items away before the show starts? I know if I was facing a guy who often hid kendo sticks under the ring, I'd find a way to remove them before the match started. Or I'd do something like empty out his thumbtacks bag and fill it with candy. That would be great, actually. Imagine Mick Foley pulling out a bag of what he assumes are thumbtacks and finding out that they've been replaced by delicious fruity Skittles.

Why Wait a Week to Resolve Issues they Could have Easily Handled Earlier?

Picture it: Wrestler A and Wrestler B have a tense moment in the ring. Maybe they're a tag team and Wrestler A accidentally punches Wrestler B in the face, costing the team the match. They then start arguing with one another.

Flash forward to next week's show and the two meet up again backstage to discuss what's happened. Or maybe Wrestler A "calls out" Wrestler B in the ring. Why did they wait so long to have this discussion? Sometimes wrestlers try to cover this flaw by saying something like "I've been trying to call you all week" but this doesn't often happen. We're supposed to just believe they waited an entire week to talk to one another, despite seeing each other frequently on the road.

Waiting for the next episode works on most "episodic television" shows because there's no set amount of time between episodes. The Walking Dead can end on a cliffhanger and come back six months later in the same moment as if no time has passed. But, in wrestling, we know that it's been one week between shows. Both wrestlers have left the arena, gone back to their hotels, and performed at several house shows in between episodes of Raw. Why did they wait until the next televised show to discuss their issue?

Why Anyone Discusses "Secret" Plans Backstage

We've all seen two heels scheming backstage hundreds of times. Why do they do this? At this point we all know that there are television cameras everywhere in the arena. Why would you "sneakily" enter someone else's locker room and assume that it wasn't just broadcast on live TV? And why do faces never use the information they've learned from these backstage moments to their benefit? Are the not watching the show?

Wrestlers only Slump over the Rope when they're Facing Rey Mysterio

Think about it: Have you ever seen a wrestler lay prone over the rope when they're not facing Rey Mysterio and about to eat a 619? The same is true for other moves. Why do wrestlers keep running when they're Irish whipped off of the ropes? Why do they bend over so deeply when Triple H kicks them in the stomach before Pedigree? Why do they get up and walk towards Shawn Michaels when they can hear him stomping to "tune up the band" before Sweet Chin Music?

Everything About Finishing Moves

Your finishing move is supposed to be the best move you have. It's the one you've practiced more than any other and you're so good at it that it nearly always ends the match. So why don't you try to hit it more often? I get that some moves require wearing down your opponent so that you can get them in a state where the move is possible, but what about moves like the RKO? If Orton can hit it "out of nowhere" why not do it whenever he can? Even if it's the first move of the match and it might not end the match, if it's your strongest move, why not try it as often as possible?

Like, when the Big Show's finisher was the WMD punch (or whatever, I have no idea, I don't pay attention to the Big Show) why didn't he use it fifty times in one match? There's basically no risk to trying it and if it fails, it's okay, you can just try again.

And why does each wrestler have a unique move? If the Stone Cold Stunner is effective and relatively easy to apply on nearly anyone, why doesn't half of the roster use it?

I understand why all of these things happen from a marketing or storytelling purpose and I'm fine with ignoring them in order to enjoy wrestling but, when you think about it, they kind of make no sense.

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