Throwback Thursday: The First Elimination Chamber Match

Given that there is yet another WWE Network "Special Event" taking place this weekend, and since it's the "Elimination Chamber" event, we thought we'd take a brief look back at the first Elimination Chamber match today.

The first Elimination Chamber match didn't take place in its own PPV. Instead, it was the main event of the 2002 Survivor Series. The match saw Shawn Michaels defeat the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, as well as Booker T, Chris Jericho, Kane and Rob Van Dam to win the title.

It was a pretty good match and quite innovative for the time. It would be Michaels' last world title and the reign lasted about a month. He lost it back to Triple H at Armageddon 2002.

The 20th Elimination Chamber match will take place this Sunday from what is apparently called the "Talking Stick Resort Arena."

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