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Let's face it: being a wrestling fan is hard at times and not just because people are constantly making fun of you. But because staying up to date on the shenanigans and goings-on of pro wrestling can be tricky, as evidenced by friend-of-the-site Ron Felten's recent experience.

So as a service to you, I'm going to premiere a new feature here at the site: Shameful News. We'll comb through the world of pro wrestling, highlight some things you need to know, and tell you how ashamed you should be.

Tom Zenk has passed away (via Uproxx):  Before we get to the shameful news, a sad story. Over the weekend, Tom Zenk -- perhaps best known as part of the Can-Am Connection with Rick Martel in the AWA and the WWF -- died in Minnesota. Zenk later went on to capture the tag-team and television championships in WCW, and he later appeared in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Rest in peace sir. 

The Rock Keeps Thinking About Running For President (via USA Today):  Fuck it. Why not? I mean why have anyone with political experience in office anymore? I hate everything. 

Unless we can all convince Barack Obama to change his name to "The Rock" and have him run in 2020......

Amore has Issue with Delaware Over Driver's License Signature: You know what you can't teach? You can't teach Enzo how to write an "E" or an "A" without him drawing a penis. 

Dalton Castle is the Ring of Honor World Champ (via Cagesideseats): Some surprising news out of Ring of Honor, where Dalton Castle won the heavyweight championship over Cody Rhodes. I'm honestly surprised at this, given how much good PR Rhodes has been getting recently (especially as WrestleKingdom approaches). Nonetheless, this is cool to see -- even if Castle's run might be a short one. 

WWE Held Clash of Champions (via Twitter): Rick was on our Twitter duty last night and voiced his thoughts about the WWE's show. He seemed to enjoy it! Ziggler won! Flair won! There were 19 referees in one match? Crazy! Shameful? Only when people started chanting "this is awesome."

Macaulay Culkin helped beat Hornswaggle in a match (via Cagesideseats): Sure why not? I guess? Honestly, I've watched clips of this three times, and I still can't decide if I'm annoyed by this match (my inner Jim Cornette comes out from time to time) or if I'm delighted (the paint can on a string is a nice touch). Ask me again in three years when Mac wins the Royal Rumble. In any event, this was tailored made for us here at Wrestling Shame.

McMahon thinking about a new football league (via Deadspin): Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby. So here's the big news coming out of this weekend. Vince -- according to several sources -- is considering bringing-back the XFL or is starting-up a brand-new football league (some of the reports I read claimed he's thinking about something along the lines of Unity Football League). 

So here are my two key-takeaways here: I think people in the United States are, in some ways, becoming leery about football: one cannot deny the physical and emotional toll the sport takes on players, participation in youth football is declining, and attendance and ratings for the NFL are down. As such, this seems like a venture that is already on morally-ambiguous grounds at best, so of course the McMahon family would be involved --- not that they've ever given a legitimate care about the health concerns of their wrestlers.

But secondly, if you don't see this new venture -- if it's actually happening and I have my doubts about it -- as part of an effort to diminish the NFL because of the McMahon connection to Donald Trump, then you obviously haven't been paying attention. Just don't act surprised when McMahon announces that Trump has purchased four teams in the league. It's going to be uber-shameful.

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