205 Still Alive?

Well, here we are. 

Enzo Amore kind of left a mess that needs cleaned up, didn't he? If you have to ask, you probably haven't been paying attention. I'm going to stop here and at least give credit to the WWE for doing the right thing in this situation.

205 Live announced a new GM, Drake Maverick who will be taking over the division. That concerns me that all of my favorite high flyers will soon be spray tan orange. He announced a 16 man tournament last week for the Cruiserweight Championship title on the big Wrestlemania Stage, which I'm all about, except with the Mix Match Challenge, I hate that we're getting less promos, so less Drew Gulak on the mic. 

So what gives? Did Cedric work his butt off for nothing? I think he has to come out on top, although I would love to see some of the other guys get it too. Two weeks ago Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander put on a top notch match for fans as the main event on 205 Live showing what the division is all about, regardless of Drew Gulak's policies for the future. But I feel bad for Cedric considering the title match was set for the Royal Rumble and we didn't even get Drew's Powerpoint Presentation. (I haven't forgotten, WWE. Its been since Survivor Series)

Since we got Tyler Bate last week, I'm eager to see what other surprises we get for this tournament. Personally, Id love to see the Cruiserweights get fed to my favorite Bruiserweight who just qualifies to contend and throw a little chaos into the mix. 

Anyone else you would like to see show up for this tournament? Who do you want to see come out on top? 

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