Ric Flair's Newest Promo

It's the beginning of spring, which means the aura of rebirth and renewal is upon us.

If you're Ric Flair, that means a rebirth as the latest hip-hop icon.

Well, that's not true. Despite the "surprise" from certain outlets that Flair is appearing is hip-hop videos and being embraced by the rap community --- hello Cagesideseats! ---  Flair has long been cited as model for elements of the hip-hop lifestyle by artists like Snoop, Pusha T, and Kills Mike (who featured Flair's promos in his great song "Ric Flair"). Alex Banks has a decent overview of why those connections exist, but in short Flair has the style, the confidence, and the complexity that many artists also have and project.

All that said, take a moment to enjoy this wild Flair promo for the upcoming Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. It's just great.

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