Extreme Rules Recap

You hate that you know exactly what this is about, don't you?

I attended Extreme Rules Sunday, so this recap is a bit different, than what you're used to. I didn't have to listen to Saxton or Coach or Michael Cole all evening, so I had that as a positive. The only TV clip that I think we even saw "backstage" was the Bludgeon Bros taking out Team Hell No behind the scenes. How dare they dent a door in Mario's house for a gimmick!

I had high hopes for this PPV, I really did, and it was pretty good up until the Reigns/Lashley match, honestly. That's when this event got stale and the seat started to get uncomfortable.

Things started off strong in the pre-show match because the New Day always delivers the best, and Cien and Sin Cara was full of action. The B Team being the Cinderella story was everything I wanted and I was so happy to see them win because they're fun to watch. The entire arena was on their feet when Braun had a hold of Kevin on top of that steel cage. If you ask me, that was an absolutely beautiful tribute to Hell in a Cell from 20 years ago. I feel like PPG Paints is properly christened, because like Carmella and the importance of the number two, its had TWO Stanley Cup winning seasons, and now Kevin Owens went through a table. 

Speaking of Carmella, I think that's when the crowd really started to get disinterested. If not for Ellsworth, I don't think anything about that match would've been entertaining. Roman and Bobby was a thing, I got heckled by neck beard smarks in Bullet Club shirts for cheering for Roman, as well as cheering for Finn earlier in the night. But I mean, what do you expect from a guy in a Cody Rhodes shirt? He probably doesn't know any Bullet Club pre-AJ coming to WWE. These are probably the same guys who @ Carmella on twitter and tell her how much she sucks while jamming to her bop of a theme when she comes out. Sincerely, please don't be that fan at a wrestling show. Let people have their fun. Especially women. I would happily sit surrounded by kids having fun, than guys who want to prove they think they're cooler than they actually are. 

"This PPV won't even be extreme...WAIT THAT'S TOO MUCH!"

The only extreme rules match we got was pretty short lived and just had items thrown around the ring, but be honest, we all expected shenanigans to happen with Ronda being there. So another title was retained, but thankfully it was Rusev day and how could anyone be anything by hype for that. Unfortunately, AJ Styles ruined Rusev day and he retained to an incredibly bored crowd.

I was really looking forward to seeing Team Hell No. I mean, who wouldn't be? And the crowd chanted for Kane the entire time. He barely made an appearance and yet the Bludgeon Bros are now the Brock Lesnars of the Smackdown Tag division. 

Now comes the fun part.

You don't want to read this. I know that. But I was there and I had to endure it, so you're stuck with me. Things started off okay. I only really paid attention to the large Scottish man hanging out ringside because Im absolutely bored with Seth Rollins (I don't discredit hes a great wrestler, I'm just not a big fan) and Dolph, but then something happened. One side of the arena started counting and made the buzzer noise. It was faint and people laughed and we moved on. A few minutes pass after a pin, and it happens again, a little louder. This continues for at least four more minutes. The clock disappears. I check twitter. Rick is losing his goddamn mind on the Wrestling Shame twitter account as is the entirety of every Penguins fan who likes wrestling on hockey twitter. Wes Crosby got retweeted into my feed. I didn't even know he liked wrestling. 
The clock came back and it still persisted. I laughed the entire time because well, what else can you do?
By the time Kurt came out, it was so incredibly rushed to just get this damn thing over with. Sure, you can blame the crowd, but the card was stacked to get bored really quick. They decided to co-brand pay per views and I hope maybe after next years mania they go back because this shit is just too damn long and were unable to build up great story lines and feuds between pay per views each month. Pittsburgh has hosted 4 Iron Man matches. Maybe give us something different? I agree, it was disrespectful to Seth and Dolph, but this was WWE's set up and their fault in the end. If Seth ultimately won, I think that could've really gotten a good reaction from the crowd, but instead everyone left kind of pissed off and really damn tired. 

There was a really great Matt Hardy cosplayer though. Walk, laugh, and personality perfected.
Would I go to another PPV again? Absolutely. I had a blast as crap as some of it was, but I love wrestling and I have fun regardless. Id like to sit a little closer though, but PPG Paints is an expensive venue for everything. 

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