This is a "Survivor Series Preview" But It's Mostly About Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is the coolest WWE wrestler since CM Punk.

In a way, her being injured and off the Survivor Series card is a good thing, because she won't have to job to Ronda Rousey on the show. Don't get me wrong, Ronda is over and she's been impressive in WWE, but Becky is on a whole other level. It would be a shame for a loss to stop her momentum now. Another way the injury helps is that, hopefully, now they let Rousey and Lynch main event WrestleMania, since Rousey vs Charlotte (the rumoured WrestleMania main event) is happening on this show.

I'm not going to do the traditional preview for Survivor Series where I talk about each match because, to be honest, I don't watch enough WWE programming to have an opinion on each match.

All I want to see is Becky Lynch show up and raise hell and Paul Heyman turn on Brock Lesnar and join Daniel Bryan. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Knowing WWE, they'll have Lesnar squash Bryan after 24 German suplexes, because they won't let us have nice things.

But at least the Lynch and Bryan situations make things feel a bit exciting and unpredictable, two things that WWE has been desperately lacking in recent years.

Over on the Raw side, I'm kind of yawning. The Shield break up is/was a good story over there, but Smackdown is a much more interesting show to me. They actually have storylines and feuds that feel important, rather than just throwing people together.

Speaking of Raw vs Smackdown, much like last year, I still wish something was actually on the line at this show. "Brand Supremacy" is nice, but it's basically meaningless. The Lynch/Rousey feud had something going for as both wanted to prove they are the "real" champion, but every other match just kind of seems to exist. There isn't any upside or downside to a brand losing other than pride.  WWE is a world where wins and losses barely matter, and that really hurts this show. We'll likely go into the final match with "both brands all tied up" so that the final match means more, but in reality it doesn't mean anything. It never does. Welcome to the void.

I'll give WWE credit for trying to make Survivor Series more interesting. There are *checks notes* 236 WWE pay-per-views and network specials each year, so anything that makes one of them stand out should be applauded. Unfortunately, because there are so many events, unless there are actual real consequences at stake on the show (which there rarely are and which Survivor Series is definitely lacking) everyone is going to forget about this show completely in about one week as the unstoppable WWE machine rolls on.

So hopefully Becky Lynch shows up. Because that would be cool and possibly even memorable. Not even WWE could screw Becky Lynch up now, right? Right?

Sigh... I know they will.

Enjoy (?) the show!

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