TLC: Tables, Ladders, and...Crap, I'm Tired.

A Wrestling Year In Review

It's still 2018?

Everything that feels like it happened two years ago actually happened in a span of the last twelve months, and I don't just mean anything wrestling related.

A live look at me. God I miss you, Roman Reigns.
Yes, I'm also large and hairy and throw hands.

I admit I've been a bad fan lately. The main roster has taken a backseat for me while I watch NXT, the britwres boys and girls on NXTUK, and 205 live. Regardless, TLC is this Sunday and I will probably watch as background noise.

A lot happened this year between current events, politics, pop culture and wrestling itself. I was lucky to make it to a Smackdown Live before Wrestlemania, which then was a huge let down for everyone I think because we expected so much more. Thank you, John Cena for being a light on a dark evening.

I also made it to my first ever PPV at Extreme Rules, and I still had fun regardless of how bad of a card and event it actually was. Yes, I'm with you, the crowd was downright terrible.

I would die for this woman. We are kindred spirits.

Unfortunately, it feels like TLC is going to be another boring regurgitated PPV like most of this past years events. With the decision to merge brands for events once a month, that really rushes a good feud build up and a way to build a longer story over a longer time, so it feels like were constantly seeing the same superstars pushed every week, and every title defense. Which, crazy we rarely see a title change hands on Monday or Tuesdays anymore. Daniel did it just last month almost on the anniversary of AJ defeating Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. Seth hasn't done much with the Intercontinental Championship since Dean came back and now has to with Dean turning on his brother. We haven't seen Brock since...who cares, because we know he doesn't. Ronda doesn't want to take a loss ever because it makes her lose value, so Nia will just succumb to an arm bar, because Ronda can't do anything else but talk in the ring.

I get it. I sound bitter and salty, but that's because so much was bad about the company this year, especially over the events in Saudi Arabia. And I hear it a lot from Indy marks about how much better "X" company is and I'm not disagreeing. You re not wrong at how bad WWE is. The reality is, I generally still do watch whatever wrestling I can get my eyes to, and not everything is as easily accessible to turning on my television twice a week.

Okay, you ask, so what is the point of all this? Where's your snappy sarcasm for matches this card? The women. Aside from Ronda getting owned by the glam squad, I'm incredibly excited to see the TLC match between Becky, Asuka, and Charlotte. Remember Evolution? I want them to one up that shit. There's women's matches with stipulations. I'm so excited because these women still put on better matches than the men do. I mean, you re really excited to watch Bobby Lashley throw Lio Rush at Elias? No. You're not, and I'm not either.

I'm going to miss the garbage truck, frankly.

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