We've Been Busy!

Hi all!

We've been busy! I've been mired in being a dad, grading papers....and watching hockey. Rick's been mired in work, being a dad.....and watching hockey.

Oh, also we've both been trying to  keep up with Watergate II!! Can you believe Trump did that? Or that? Or tweeted that? We can't!

Anyway, look for new posts from us next week and in the near future, including:

-A new Mailbag of Shame from me featuring questions about wrestling from non-wrestling fans!
-A new What-If-Wednesday about Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan in the WWF!

-Rick and I will put our heads together and predict the future of the WWE!

-Looking ahead to June, Rick has graciously and selflessly volunteered to write about Alison Brie's Netflix series about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling while I will pen a couple pieces about the history of the famed 1980s tv series!

As always, we appreciate our loyal readers out there. Give us a follow on Twitter, look at our older pieces, and share us on your feeds! Spread the shameful word!

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