Ten Other Big Names Who Could Put Roman Reigns Over

Everybody Loves Roman
Roman Reigns defeated John Cena at No Mercy, despite being hit with 32 Attitude Adjustments and seven Super Attitude Adjustments. And also a missile. Or something. We're not sure. All we know is that he won. That's just how great Roman Reigns is.

Don't believe it? Ask Cena himself.

Or ask The Rock:

Or Daniel Bryan:

It's obvious that Reigns is great. The greatest, actually.

Look what he did to The Undertaker.

And Triple H.

And the Big Show.

Roman Reigns is the greatest competitor in history. This is a man who beat Rusev so badly that he couldn't compete in a match. He basically murdered Braun Strowman. He even knocked out Vince McMahon. And speared Stephanie McMahon. He is simply the greatest. He's the toughest. He's The Guy.

Still not convinced? Still booing him like someone who doesn't know what's best for business? Still not doing what Vince McMahon wants?

Figures. For whatever reason, a very, very small fraction of the audience is still booing Reigns. Or, more accurately, they're giving him a mixed reaction. He's controversial, but in the way that people can't decide between really loving him and really, REALLY loving him. 

But, if there's something wrong with your hearing and you think they're booing him, first of all, know that they're not. They're saying "Suuuuuuuuuu-perman Punch." If you think they're booing, it's because you don't understand that he's incredible. That's okay. It's probably because not enough big names have put him over. Once the right number of people do, those boos will turn to cheers and Vince McMahon will start smiling again. 

Here is a list of ten other big names that could put Roman Reigns over. They're likely all dying to do it, because Roman Reigns is already the greatest of all time and there's no shame in losing to the best. Before you read the list, know that we're not saying that some of these people should put Reigns over. We're saying all of them should, and hopefully one right after another. Poor Roman just needs some respect.

Shawn Michaels

Sure, HBK has turned down returning to the ring several times and is adamant on staying retired. But this isn't some loser like Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles we're talking about. This is The Big Dog Who Owns The Yard. This is THE GUY. HBK would be honoured to return to the ring and be squashed in five minutes. 

Shane McMahon

Roman Reigns has punched out Vince and speared Stephanie, but has he faced Shane yet? What better way to truly showcase how tough Roman Reigns is than by having him kill the man who cannot be killed. Think about it. Shane McMahon jumped off the TitanTron and lived. He jumped off Hell in a Cell and lived. He was in a helicopter crash and lived. But none of those are as devastating as Roman Reigns. Reigns should murder Shane O Mac live on pay-per-view to show how tough he truly is. A more noble death does not exist.

Donald Trump

The Donald is no stranger to wrestling and he's probably desperate to return. After all, WWE audiences may actually cheer for him. Plus, think of the credibility Roman Reigns would get after defeating the President of the United States. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin

It's actually surprising that this hasn't happened yet. The Rock, Triple H, and The Undertaker have all put Reigns over, so Austin should be next. Maybe, after Reigns bounces up from a Stunner and then spears Austin four times, Stone Cold can also tell the world that he went drinking with Reigns and that Roman can handle way more beer than he can. Also, Roman Reigns has a much bigger penis. This needs to be said on television by Steve Austin.

Hulk Hogan

Hogan will eventually return to the WWE in some capacity, but unless he does it to talk about how Roman Reigns is greater than he ever was, it will be a wasted opportunity. He could also say something about how Reigns could have slammed Andre the Giant 14 times without breaking a sweat, because it's clearly true.

Andre the Giant

If Hogan is going to put Roman over, so should Andre. Ignore the fact that he's dead. Have a hologram of Andre come out and tell the world that he's glad that he died before Reigns came around because, if he hadn't, Reigns' incredible ability would definitely have killed him. That should stop some of the boos, right?

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather is 50-0 in boxing and 1-0 in wrestling, but all undefeated streaks are destined to be broken and they should all be broken by Roman Reigns.

John Cena, Triple H, Daniel Bryan, and The Undertaker

We know what you're thinking. Reigns has already beaten all of these losers, and that's true. But he hasn't beaten all four of them at the same time. Think of how much the crowd would cheer for Reigns if he overcame the odds and won a 4-on-1 match against these guys? Wait... can it really be called overcoming the odds when you're Roman Reigns? Or would Cena/HHH/Bryan/Taker be the side at a disadvantage?

Also, whenever Roman's not onscreen, all the other wrestlers should be asking 'Where's Roman?'


The Master of the Superman Punch versus Superman himself. Kryptonite is nothing compared to Roman Reigns. After the match, Superman should formally give Reigns the Superman Punch and firmly state that no one can do the move with the same kind of power as Reigns.  

Brock Lesnar

Wait. This one is actually going to happen. So, strike this one for now. The real number ten is...


Much like Donald Trump and Floyd Mayweather, God isn't a wrestler, but he does have a history of competing in WWE. I mean, sure, he has a 0-1 record in matches, but it would still be impressive to see Reigns spear God. That would almost certainly get people to start cheering him, wouldn't it?

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