Belated Birthday Wishes to Us!

A little over a year ago, Rick_City and I decided to start a blog that's purpose was to rebook the infamous "Invasion Angle" from 2001. We were obsessed about it, and we thought that we had some decent ideas as to how the WWE should have incorporated former WCW and ECW stars.

But we didn't finish them for a variety of reasons. For starters, we both understood that rebooking it was far harder than we anticipated. But we also began to realize that we had a format to vent our frustrations or confusions about professional wrestling: should we review Summer Slam? Yes. Should we praise an indy show one of us went to? Yes. Should we detail some of things we ignore as wrestling fans? Yes.

I can't speak for Rick, but I suspect that neither one of us anticipated the growth of this site, both in terms of fans -- including, but not limited to our 500-plus followers on Facebook --- and the breadth of what we've written about. What started out as an exercise in rebooking a near-unbookable (is that a word?) event, has grown into a site about the absurd, the silly, and shameful of professional wrestling. We've explored the everything from the best Macho Man Randy Savage promos to the things that we ignore about the Attitude Era. I've argued Sting not being a member of the NWO was probably a good thing, while Rick attempted to rebook some of the crappiest Wrestlemanias on record. We've seen live shows, we've previewed and reviewed SummerSlams, Wrestlemania, and we tied in our Royal Rumble match-up.

We are also proud purveyors of our own Hall of Shame, complete with summer exhibits about shameful WCW and WWE themes.

But haven't ignored the reality of professional wrestling. We've pointed out the hypocrisy of the McMahon family, we've talked about injures, and we've noted how politics and wrestling are intersecting too much for the greater good with Donald Trump and Linda McMahon.

So as we take stock of the past year, we've certainly enjoyed writing these things for you. We are busy guys, but I know we would love to write more if time permitted. But we also want to thank our readers -- many of whom we personally know -- who have read, commentated, and shared our stories on various social media outlets. You make this more fun than it should be.

I know we'd like to grow our reach, so if you have a favorite (or SHAMEFUL because branding!) we've written, don't be afraid to share it on social media -- especially either Facebook or Twitter. If you have an idea for a story, please shoot us a message there or on email ([email protected]).

And in our generous spirit, our 100th follower on Twitter will get to pick the subject of a new Top V, Throwback Thursday, or What-If-Wednesday for one of us to do! So follow or else we will do a podcast!!


We are going to do a podcast anyway, so that's a baseless threat.

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