Finn Balor: Not Over?

Monday November 20. Monday Night Raw after Survivor Series. Roman Reigns takes the Intercontinental Championship away from The Miz.

My skin is clear. My crops are flourishing. My depression is cured.

Rick: Booooooo

Tuesday November 21, I cruise social media to unfortunately see this:

I suddenly have acne, my crops are dying, and my heart shattered into a thousand pieces.

Roman picking up the IC title gave me hope that maybe there was a chance Balor could go for that Universal Title with Rumble coming up. I discussed it with my best friend, unfortunately before seeing this.

Finn is my favorite and that's no secret, but bias aside, the man is an incredible athlete and in ring performer. Founder of the Bullet Club as Prince Devitt in Japan, 292 day reign as NXT Champion, and of course, first Universal Champion in the WWE.

Balor was injured during his Summer Slam match last year and had to give up the title he was unable to defend. Fast forward to the Monday night after No Mercy in August, he stated he planned to go back for it. Finn was still never given his rematch.

My first thought was, "Not over? Did no one see the match between AJ styles and the demon at TLC?" The same AJ Styles who definitely proved his worth against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. AJ and Balor had a match that was full of speed, chain wrestling, and high flying acrobatics. It was incredible to watch regardless of the outcome, and absolutely a contender for match of the year. Not over? A wrestler who seems to have an unlimited amount of merchandise and gets any arena he is in do "the arms thing"? (Does it have a name? I don't care. Its the "arms thing")

Love for Finn aside, lets talk about the current Universal Champion holder. Someone who only shows up, oh I don't know, once every three months to defend it? Yet you hear the announcers ogle over this "feat" of holding the title this long. A guy who was kicked out of the UFC, and is the most boring in ring performer to watch. He's more boring than Baron Corbin, as Rick kindly pointed out in his Survivor Series Recap. Part timer, for sure.

I don't know what Vince sees in this guy, honestly. I'm not even trying to be sarcastic. I sincerely wonder what is so appealing about Brock Lesnar? I also wondered if this was Vince's way of getting back at Hunter? Triple H has found amazing talent and brought them through NXT, but as discussed about Survivor series, this same talent was squashed earlier in the men's match in favor of old rivalries between Kurt, Shane, and Triple H.

Logging on to twitter today, I came across this absolute gem.

Is this a threat to the new Intercontinental Champion, or is Finn discrediting Meltzer?

Is this finally the heel turn I've been waiting to see? I hope so. If you never witnessed anything of his character Prince Devitt, you are in for an absolute treat. He might even top Miz.

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