A SummerSlam Review: No hangovers from this party

"SummerSlam is a party!" -Renee Young

Indeed it was.
This was...fun? I am sincerely questioning why I don't feel burnt out after a Takeover Weekend and Monday Night Raw, with SmackDown about to start. 

To me, this may be the first PPV the main roster has put on in a long time that didn't feel overshadowed by a great Takeover the night before. Dont get me wrong, NXT has an absolutely high bar set and they continue to deliver every time, but I'm happy I actually enjoyed the product on a Sunday night.  The pacing was good, the match ups were good, and the shenanigans were minimum yet enjoyable, like Becky's (heel?) turn on Charlotte, and Braun showing up ringside for the Universal Title. 

As far as feuds go, with the Women's matches, I think a lot of this is building up towards Evolution, which, I am freakin' excited for, frankly. Its about damn time. After the pop for Becky turning on her best friend, and the make Ronda a face gimmick on Raw last night, it furthers my suspicion. 

Upsets of the night: 

These are my personal griefs. Yours might differ. Sorry 'bout it.

  • Cedric retaining the Cruiserweight championship: Okay I know no one else around here watches 205 Live, but I will continue preaching that you all are sleeping on one of the best divisions in WWE. Drew Gulak has been building up amazing momentum. Is there more they want to do with Cedric? They've exhausted him vs Mustafa Ali. And at this point since they're ignoring Tony and Drew's beef, I don't know where else to go except I guess a title change on a random Tuesday night. Its a PPV. That's worthy of a title change-For a better 205 Live.
  • Smackdown Tag Team Championship: This build up of the Bludgeon Bros better lead to a major upset because this is dang exhausting. 
  • Ronda's match: I think she overdoes the taunting a bit during the match and I heard her call some spots. Its fun to watch bullies get justice in a story, but you're disrespecting every other woman that worked their way to get signed by WWE. A side note. Glam Squad needs to stop. 

Highlights of the night:

These are my favorite moments. Again, if you don't like it. Get bent.

  • Smackdown Women's Championship match: This was a great match, and sadly, my girl Mella lost her title, but I'm even more sad it wasn't to Becky. I love watching these women wrestle though, and they're so good. Even Mella. Yes. You who tweets her that she cant wrestle and hassles her on Instagram, she can wrestle. The pop for Becky when she turned on Charlotte was huge. It was awesome to watch Becky walk out with her head held high.
  • Ronda's makeup: On the flip side, the memes that surged out of this travesty of a look were hilarious. Everything from comparisons to Mac as Nightman, The Coon on South Park, Black Swan, and even Kameron Michaels of Ru Paul's Drag Race were all over social media.
  • Finn Balor the Demon vs Constable Baron Corbin: Shut up, I know. You're sick of me. This was a cool match and moment of the night. (I know everyone said it should be pre-show but that paint job takes like, 4 hours, you guys.) I also think as far as everything goes, this match shows a lot just in what happened without words being said. Finn absolutely squashed Baron after being humiliated and squashed by Baron a few times. Finn is always matched evenly with Roman, Seth, and even Cena, but I think this Demon could even keep up with the Monster among men. Furthermore, we haven't seen the Demon in 301 days since the Bullet Club match at TLC in October last year. This paint was absolutely cool and terrifying in the details and shading, and this Demon was absolutely unhinged.
Regardless of the match/story stuff, obviously Finn is a BIG comic book fan, and in the past he's cosplayed multiple characters between DC, Marvel and horror movies. Venom comes out in October, and I'm not saying, but I'm saying I think Finn is really excited for Venom.

I am very excited for this movie too, so I loved this demon paint.

  • Daniel Bryan vs the Miz: This was the really cool part of all this build up for a really fun match and I hope this isn't the last we get of this. I just don't want it to reach Ciampa/ Gargano levels.
  • Samoa Joe: Look. AJ may have won this match, but Wendy absolutely demanded to speak to a manager during the taping of this PPV. In an absolute power move, Joe said "I'll be your new daddy" and there is no coming back from that. Frankly, Joe is one of the best on the mic and I cant wait to see this feud hopefully end up with Joe getting that championship. 
  • The Universal Title Match: It happened. Its like the universe clicked back into place and we're in the good timeline again. Brock clearly has been in the testing pool for the UFC because his pecks were flabbier than a flat tire. The title is finally back on TV again week after week. Its over. Its so nice. Finn even got his rematch, and in that, I'm a pretty happy girl.
If you don't like Roman, you cant sit with us.
(Rick and I, that is.)

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