Happy Second Birthday to Us!!!

Wow, has it been two years? We've been wasting your time for TWO YEARS? Man, how time files!

In any event, that tweet from my dear bud Rick wasn't quite the genesis of this site, but it's the day we started writing out our rebooking scenarios for the Invasion angle (at some point, we'll finish those -- I swear). But two years on, we've had a lot of fun with this silliness -- and once or twice we've gotten serious with our work.

In the past year, we've done some of our most memorable work: Jay commented on the problematic introduction of Ronda Rousey (which sparked a lengthy online debate), Rick lamented on the struggles of following the WWE in the era of Donald Trump, and I --- well, I merged some wrestler promos with poems. I also wrote a guide to a wrestling-themed Halloween movie marathon in which the director of one of the films I mocked commented on our website. Awkward. Hell, we even produced some merchandise!

As I eat some cake in celebration, I know I can speak for both Rick and I in giving Jay a huge thanks. We've enjoyed her work, and she's brought an important voice to not only this silly site, but also to wrestling coverage in general. She's been great here, and we are grateful to have her on board. And we will fight anyone who says otherwise.

On a personal note, I wanted to thank our followers on Twitter, Facebook, Jay, and especially Rick for keeping my spirits up this past year. Last fall, I was wished "best luck in my future endeavors" by an employer -- a screenshot of the email I immediately sent to my wrestling-minded friends -- and I was rather bitter about it. The jokes about wrestling kept my spirits up, and now I have a much better job. So thanks to all of you for that.

In in the next year, we hope to add more writers and continue our tradition of irrelevant rants, jokes, and the occasional Hall of Shame. Rick is putting the finishing touches on his SummerSlam preview, and I'm planning to do a review of some independent shows here soon (hopefully I can post more once my schedule settles down). If you have any suggestions for us in terms of content or things you'd like to see us cover, send us a note on either Twitter or Facebook.

And in all sincerity, we thank you for reading. And shame on you for reading.

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