The Elephant in the Room

The "road to Wrestlemania" began this past Sunday. and I call it the worst sixty minutes of my life. (Just kidding. That's the Stanley Cup Final)

Overall, this was a pretty good event, right? I admit the title matches were nothing spectacular, and I didn't really pay attention to the Triple Threat match out of pure contempt of Brock Lesnar. I am actually overjoyed that Shinske Nakamura won the men's event, because this means something fresh, right? Out of the last four in the ring Sunday night he was one of two you wanted to be the last man standing instead of Reigns or Cena. I almost thought Balor was going to take it. I liked that we got Cien Almas and Adam Cole (baybay) as surprise contestants, and believe me I was ecstatic to see Rey Mysterio came down the ramp. 

Lets jump to the women's event, shall we? As much as Balor is my favorite wrestler, this was what I really wanted to see. I admire all of those women who were in the ring last night, and I even look up to a few of them who are legends and hall of famers. These women are so talented and worked so hard and Asuka deserved to be the last woman standing. But that's not why I'm writing this. We have to address the controversial elephant in the room. Ronda Rousey made her debut last night while Asuka was having her moment as the winner of the first ever All Women's Royal Rumble. I've seen so many mixed reactions on social media and I admit, I'm not excited about this one bit either. She's here to be the next Brock Lesnar. She's a superstar that is going to bring in viewers to the WWE without much work, or even showing up every Monday night. And is that fair? If she holds a championship, does any other woman in the division have a shot to get that title back, because there's no other title for the women to grab. A lot of people are upset with Ronda's comments about a transgender fighter, which I hope she changes her mind about that and betters herself as a person. Unfortunately because this is the WWE, we all know that Ronda is going to face Asuka and end her streak. A newcomer is going to come in and take this away because shes someone with a name outside of WWE, after they have built up Asuka to be this unbeatable wrestler. That's what I am angry about most. 

By the way, a women's elimination chamber? Sign. Me. Up.

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  1. Idea: What if the elimination chamber is how they're going to build up Rousey (have her win while entering first or whatever), then Asuka takes the title from her at Mania? This just popped into my head, so grain of salt. If Asuka's streak is ended by Rousey in WM2019 after a solid year-long rivalry? I could put up with that.

    A lot of ifs, but there you have it.


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