AEW Full Gear 2021 Preview & Predictions


Full Gear has traditionally been perhaps the least prestigious AEW pay-per-view event. However, that certainly isn't the case this year. This year, it could be the site of the culmination of one of AEW's longest-running stories, as well as several other huge matches. 

AEW attracted A LOT of attention over the summer and, while that hasn't necessarily translated into the ratings that some were expecting, the company is definitely growing and more and more attention is being focused on it. So it's certainly good for the company that this event has a lot of hype. 

Will it live up to that hype? AEW pay-per-views never really disappoint, so it's a good bet that this one won't. Here is our preview and some predictions for AEW Full Gear 2021.

Pre-Show Match: Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter and Nyla Rose

This is a good choice to get the crowd into things right away. I say Shida and Rosa win with something that furthers the eventual Rosa/Britt Baker feud that we are all waiting for. 

Minneapolis Street Fight:
The Inner Circle vs. Men of the Year and American Top Team

This feud has been better than I expected it to be, but that doesn't mean it's been great. It's been LONG, both in the length of the feud as well as in the length of the segments hyping the feud. I could do without having these two spend ten minutes each show trading high school insults with one another.

That said, the match will be interesting. The addition of Dan Lambert into the match, plus the overall flow of the feud, make it seem like the Inner Circle will win. Though, honestly, I was thinking that the Men of the Year and ATT would be victorious here until Dynamite. Once they put Jericho through a table, it kind of sealed that the Inner Circle would win. 

Cody Rhodes and Pac vs. Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black

This is an interesting one. Malakai Black has been booked as a serious threat since coming to AEW, even in his recent loss to Cody. Andrade hasn't quite found his place yet, but he's had some incredible matches with Pac. This should be a good match. I feel like either Cody or Pac will turn. A Cody heel turn seems more likely, but will Pac leave Death Triangle and join Andrade instead? That would be interesting, but it'll probably be Cody who turns. He won't join Andrade or Malakai, but he'll turn. Or possibly someone debuts and joins the House of Black? They've been teasing that a bit. It's tough to say, but I definitely see this ending with a less-than-clean finish. 

Darby Allin vs. MJF

This feud hasn't been as hyped as I expected, especially since it's a marquee feud for AEW. Both guys are definitely "pillars" of the company and big parts of AEW's present and future. The segments we have had have been very good and it definitely feels like this won't be the end of this rivalry, so the feud likely has some more time to develop.

As for this match, MJF will likely win due to shenanigans of some sort so that the battle between these two can continue. I'd like to see this turn into Darby Allin having to take on the entire Pinnacle himself, sort of like Sting facing the Horsemen or nWo back in the day. 

Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Christian Cage and Jurassic Express vs. The Superkliq

I'm torn about the outcome of this match. On one hand, I think the Superkliq will win to strengthen the bond between Adam Cole and the Bucks leading to their eventual separation from Kenny Omega. However, I also think a lot of heels will be going over on this card, that people are tired of the Elite winning, and that this feud has run it's course. All of those things point to Christian, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus winning. 

It's too close to call. Regardless of who wins, this should be a spotfest. Look at the guys in it, see that it's falls count anywhere, and you know that's true. It'll be fun though. 

Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk

This is the definition of "Well, that escalated quickly." This feud wasn't on anyone's mind just a couple of weeks ago and suddenly now it's one of the hottest things in the company. All it took was one excellent segment where Kingston and Punk traded insults. Now, this might be the match I'm most looking forward to. Great work by both of them and I hope this rivalry continues.

As for who wins? I'm leaning towards Eddie Kingston being the first person to beat CM Punk in AEW. He's over. He was getting cheered (and Punk was actually getting some boos) in their big segment. Plus, his blog in the Players' Tribune (which you should DEFINITELY read if you haven't done so already) will only get him more support from the fans than he already has. This is the right time to give him his big win. 

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final:
vs. Bryan Danielson

It's too bad that Jon Moxley had to pull out of the tournament, and we certainly all the best to him, but this match could truly be something special. Both men are over, both are incredibly hard-hitting, and both give matches a sort of brutality and realism that just looks simply incredible. 

Who will win? That's really hard to say. On one hand, if Hangman Page is going to be AEW Champion, having Miro be his first big opponent would be excellent. Plus, Miro recently lost the TNT Title, so having him win this would keep him feeling like an unbeatable monster. However, remember that this match wasn't supposed to happen. Would AEW really call an audible and have Miro challenge for the belt when that obviously wasn't the plan at this point? Tony Khan seems to be a guy who books his big feuds well in advance, and having Miro win would definitely change things. Plus, would they book both Punk and Danielson to lose their first matches on the same night?

I say yes. Miro wins a brutal match and goes on to challenge for the title.

AEW World Tag Team Championship:
Lucha Brothers © vs. FTR

I'll be honest in saying I haven't been into this feud that much, but that doesn't mean the match won't be very good. Dax Harwood wrestled a hell of a match against Pac on Dynamite, which I honestly didn't expect. If a singles match can be that good, a tag match can be even better. It's for the AEW Titles, so the AAA belts will stay with FTR for at least a while. That makes me think the Lucha Bros will win. It's not time to take the AEW tag titles off of them yet and them winning lets both teams move on to other feuds. 

AEW Women's World Championship:
Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. © vs. Tay Conti

I like Tay Conti. She's impressed me and she gets better every week. But she's not winning this match. Britt Baker won't be losing the Women's World title until she's had the chance to face Thunder Rosa for the belt. That's the real money feud and one that could certainly continue to be built up either during or after this match. 

AEW World Championship:
Kenny Omega © vs. "Hangman" Adam Page

This is the big one. Though they haven't interacted as much as I'd have liked them to in the last little while (though the Dynamite segment they just had was excellent), this match is the culmination of a storyline that's been building since basically AEW began. And it's been quite the storyline.

Adam Page came into the company with a lot of hype. He won the right to become the first AEW champion, but lost to Chris Jericho. Kenny Omega also came to AEW with a lot of hype. People expected him to be in the World Title picture from the minute he was announced as a member of the company. Instead, Page and Omega teamed up to become tag team champions.

Then troubles began brewing in the Elite. The Young Bucks thought they deserved the titles and that caused tension in the group (as well as an excellent match between the two teams). Eventually, Hangman left the Elite and the Bucks went on to become tag team champions while Omega focused on his singles career. He eventually became World Champion (defeating Hangman in the 2020 Full Gear tournament to earn the title shot, then defeated Jon Moxley) and soon the Elite reformed without Page.

This lead to Page doubting himself. The Dark Order tried to get him to join them, but he refused, saying he didn't work well in groups. He didn't have faith in himself. Over time, he slowly built up his confidence and the Dark Order continued to support him, despite him not being a member. This eventually led to Omega appreciating the Dark Order and a big Dark Order vs The Elite match where Hangman and Dark Order could earn themselves title shots if they won. 

They lost.

After taking some time off, Hangman returned, but he had developed the confidence he'd been missing. He won the Casino Ladder match and earned himself this title shot. It's been a story of friendship, confidence, betrayal, and so much more. It's been unique in wrestling and it's been great.

Hangman Page will win. 

There is a sentiment in some corners online that Page will lose and the Elite will continue to terrorize AEW until someone like Punk or Danielson stops them. I don't think that will happen. In fact, I think that sentiment shows how WWE has broken our brains and changed our expectations of what happens in wrestling. I don't want to turn this into another AEW vs WWE thing, but Vince McMahon's company tends to prefer shock and surprise to giving the fans what they want. I don't think Tony Khan feels the same way. Everyone wants Adam Page to win. And I think he will. 

Hangman Adam Page is going to be the new AEW World Champion. 

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