Is Something Up with AEW and NJPW in Advance of Dynamite and Full Gear?


Today Tony Khan Tweeted "tonight’s a great night to try to hook a friend into watching AEW with you" and "I promise great wrestling + big moments Tonight".  Yesterday he wrote "Dynamite has a huge card featuring some great @AEW wrestling + announcements ahead of #AEWFullGear". 

Is this just standard hype before the pay-per-view, or is it something else? And could that something else involve New Japan Pro Wrestling? 

NJPW's Rocky Romero is going to be on Dynamite tonight. He's a member of Chaos. So is Kazuchika Okada. That's the same Kazuchika Okada who challenged Buddy Matthews to a match in San Jose on November 13th. Which means he's likely in the US now or he will be sometime soon. Tony Khan talked about Chaos recently... 

Of course, this could also be about Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends, as mentioned by the AEW Twitter account. 

On top of all of this, but slightly in unrelated, KENTA recently challenged CM Punk

Is there anything brewing between AEW and NJPW? There's a lot of talk and that usually means where there's smoke there's fire. New Japan is in the United States right now, so if something was going to happen, this is a great time. Remember, Hiroshi Tanahashi said that things between the two companies was likely to heat up once pandemic travel restrictions were eased. Does that mean tonight? I don't expect AEW to do anything tonight that would drastically change storylines right before Full Gear, but people like Orange Cassidy (along with other big stars like Pac, Andrade, Malakai Black, Cody, etc.) aren't booked for Full Gear, so something is certainly possible... 

Whatever happens or doesn't happen, this is sure a fun time to be a wrestling fan. 

EDIT: There's no way they mention Okada this much unless something is up:

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