Kurt Angle Would Have Been The Greatest WWE Star in History

Forgive me if this is a short post, but I'm on a Twitter hiatus right now, so this blog is all I have. (Also, forgive me if this post is poorly written. I'm not on an alcohol hiatus and my son went to sleep early.)

If you've been living under a rock, here's the news: Kurt Angle is now in the WWE Hall of Fame. Also, the president of the United States is horribly unqualified. Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, Kurt Angle is in the Hall of Fame and it is more than well-deserved. Kurt Angle is amazing. In fact, if Kurt Angle had not left the WWE in 2006, he would be entering the Hall of Fame as the greatest superstar in WWE history.

That's right. I love Shawn Michaels. I love Bret Hart. I love Randy Savage. I understand how important Hulk Hogan was to the industry. But Kurt Angle, if he had been in WWE for the past ten years instead of slumming it in TNA, would have been the greatest star in WWE history.

He had it all. He was funny. He was charismatic. He was an incredible wrestler. He could be a face or a heel. He would be serious or silly. He was "legitimate" long before Brock Lesnar made that a thing. He could talk, he could act, he could wrestle. Kurt Angle could do whatever he needed to do. A hilarious backstage skit? An incredible wrestling match? A hardcore brawl? A serious segment? Check, check, check and check.

Unfortunately, his health was an issue and he left WWE long before he had accomplished everything that he could have. He was still at the top of his game and was wrestling great matches when he left the company.

He first appeared on WWF TV in 1999. He left in 2006. That's about seven years. In that time, he won the WWF/E Championship four times and the World Title once. He also won the "WCW" title, Intercontinental Title, European Title, US Title, Tag Titles, King of the Ring, etc. He was only 37 years old when he left the company. Imagine the matches he could have had with guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, a more experienced John Cena and others.

Kurt Angle is already one of the best in WWE history. If he had never left the company? He'd be the greatest of all time. 

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