Top V Hockey and Pro Wrestling Moments Part I

If you follow either Rick or I on Twitter (and if you do, I apologize), you'll know that aside from complaining about politics or making Simpsons references, we love two things: hockey and pro wrestling. And even though Rick is a Penguins fans (and Maple Leafs bandwagoner) and I'm a Flyers fan, we get along quite well.

We even interact with some Capitals fans online! Hey Becca, Scotty, and RM Cooper! Indeed, we all can get along!

And given that the NHL playoffs are in full-swing, I figured it was time to do a Top V dedicated to some shameful moments when hockey and pro wrestling intertwined.

For my purposes, I'm not addressing things like the "Goon" or Chris Jericho's dad, but instead I'll try to stick to moments when wrestlers and hockey players entered the other "world" with shameful / hilarious / or perfect moments. #Spoilers

Also, I soon realized that I had more than V good moments here, so I'll do a sequel post next week.

5. John Ferguson, Referee
John Ferguson is often considered the first "enforcer" in NHL history, as he was charged with protecting Jean Beliveau from the Ted Green's of the hockey world in the 1960s. After his retirement, Ferguson -- often considered one of the toughest fighters in NHL history -- moved into coaching and management, eventually becoming GM of the original Winnipeg Jets.

In November of 1985, Ferguson was tabbed by the AWA to referee the heavyweight championship match between Rick Martel and Boris Zukov in Winnipeg. In the clip, we don't get a sense of how well Ferguson was received by the Winnipeg crowd, but I presume he got a pop.

By the way, the Jets made the playoffs that spring by finishing 3rd in the Smythe Division with a 27-47-7 record. One of the best things about hockey in the 1980s was half the teams in the playoffs (aside from the Patrick Division) had losing records.

Ferguson's approach to reffing is mostly to hang onto the ropes, test the ropes, or look exasperated. I'm sure he's thinking "god I could kick both their asses easily." That said, his pin count is really bad. Like really bad.

4. The HBK Hockey Night in Canada Opening
Last season, the en vogue line in hockey was the HBK line of the Pittsburgh Penguins. And inevitably, the real HBK -- Shawn "The Heart Break Kid" Michaels -- got wind of this, and embraced the Pittsburgh Penguins and their playoff run. 

Now, while that's pretty cool, what's shameful is the HNIC opening featuring Shawn Michaels. Now I will admit I am jealous that Canadians (and many Americans on the Northern border) get to watch HNIC, so my commentary here isn't borne of such lingering envy. But it's great in this clip how badly Michaels tries to hide the fact he's reading lines off a cue-card. And kudos to the editing team at the CBC for putting together the above montage which somehow both flatters the players and mocks them at the same time.

Actually, what's shameful about all of this is that it made me hate the Penguins just a little less.

*throws a keychain at Rick's head*

Ahhhhhh, I feel better. 

3. Hulk Hogan Flyers Promo
Oh for fuck's sake.

So, during the 2012 season, the Penguins and the Flyers had a bit of a dust-up in their second to last regular season meeting. During the brawl, former Flyers winger Scott "I Tweeted in Favor of Trump and Permanently Ended Up on JDP's Shitlist" Hartnell did the Hulk Hogan hand gesture to Cy Clark, a Penguins fan who used to come to games dressed as Hogan (Clark passed away a couple years ago from cancer, so RIP good sir). 

During the teams' playoff series a few weeks later, the Flyers showed the Hulk Hogan video on the jumbo-tron as the teams brawled during a Flyers 83-14 win (there were a lot of goals in that series). Of course, Hogan is a Tampa Bay fan (and maybe not the most ardent one, as CM Punk pointed out) but the Hulkster could never pass up a buck.

In hindsight, sure it makes some sense. But honestly this is Philly. Couldn't any of the ECW alumni done this instead?

*thinks about Flyers fans throwing chairs onto the ice a la that ECW match with Catcus Jack and Terry Funk*

Moving on...

2. Bob Probert, WCW Enforcer
Alongside John Ferguson, Bob Probert ranks among the toughest players to ever play in the NHL. And off and on in the late 1990s, Probert would appear at WCW shows -- even appearing alongside "The Nature Boy" in promos and at United Center during Probert's time with the Blackhawks.

In 1999, Probert would have a run-in with Tank Abbott in WCW (I believe in Rockford, Illinois) after Abbott attacked a member of the Wirtz family. In many ways, this is your standard "celebrity-runs-into-the-ring" moment, but Probert -- as always -- looks scary here.

According to Ric Flair, the two men had a confrontation backstage at this show where Probert basically threatened to kick the snot out of Abbott. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

And speaking of Flair....

1. Ric Flair and "The Woooo."
For a time in the last decade, Ric Flair would grace the Jumbotron of the Hurricanes' arena and do his "Woooo!" after the team scored a goal.

Well, he wouldn't; a video of him would. #Grammar

Anyway, this was either great or annoying, depending on your point of view. I suppose the "wooo!" is best experienced in small doses. Flyers fans started doing the "woooo" this past season after rookie star Travis Konecny did it in a game, and I was recently at a Milwaukee Admirals game where there was too much "woooing."

So, the less "wooo's," the better hockey fans.

*looks around apartment*


*gets call from landlord."

Anyway, that's part 1! Next week, V more hockey and wrestling moments!!

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