Quick #WrestleMania 34 Thoughts by @Rick_City

So, at the risk of turning in my "cynical old man card," I'll say this: WrestleMania 34 was pretty fun!

I didn't watch the preshow, but the main show was quite entertaining, despite being very long. To be honest, though, once it started approaching 11pm, it was hard to stay engaged. What can I say, I'm an old, tired man.

I liked the opener and Seth Rollins winning the IC was fun. I hope he has a good feud with Finn Balor over it.

My mouth literally dropped open when Asuka tapped out. And I'm not saying "literally" in the cool, Millennial way that actually means "figuratively." I mean literally. I sat there with my mouth open for a second or two. I'm fine with it though, because it keeps Charlotte over as a dominant champion and it's not like Asuka is ruined or anything.

I'll admit that I used the US title match as an opportunity to get some food and drinks, so I didn't actually see Jinder win, but good for him. He was pushed WAY too fast when he became WWE Champion, but a US Title run is fine for him.

Angle and Rousey vs HHH and Stephanie was just plain fun. I like the symbolism of Stephanie getting her own motorcycle for their entrance this year. Ronda was over and she did a very good job in her first match. Stephanie and HHH were great and not annoying, and Kurt Angle was Kurt Angle, which is always great. I liked this match way more than I thought I would.

I skipped most of the short SmackDown tag title match. Sorry.

Undertaker coming back and squashing Cena doesn't sound good on paper, but it worked. I could have done without the humiliation of Elias though. Taker has had a string of bad WrestleMania performances and this redeems him in a way. It either sets him up to keep wrestling or it gives him a good send off. Both are good options. I'm also interested to see what happens with John Cena's character now. He was pretty annoying during this whole angle, so what will happen now?

Daniel Bryan's return was fun and a definite feel good moment. I was bored by the first ten minutes of "look how tough Shane McMahon is" but, when Bryan got into the ring, it was good.

Nia Jax beating Alexa Bliss was the perfect way to end that storyline. Jax looks good, Bliss looks wrong, and we have a new champion. Perfect.

AJ Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura was good, but this is where I started feeling really tired, so I'm probably judging it a bit harshly. Nakamura's heel turn after the match was excellent though. I just wish the crowd had let him really turn heel instead of cheering him, but the crowds don't let anyone actually be a good heel anymore.

Nicholas should have refused a tag and turned heel on Braun Strowman. This was a fun segment/match. Nicholas is now the youngest WWE champion. Sorry, Rene Dupree.

Lesnar defeating Reigns was a shock, but the match itself was boring. The crowd, who had been there for hours and hours at this point, lost interest and the match did nothing to bring them back into it. I don't know what WWE is going to do with Lesnar going forward, but I hope it's not three months off, followed by some suplexes and F5s, and then another extended break. I feel like he's almost certainly going to break CM Punk's 434-day title reign, primarily because he's never on the show. We'll see.

Overall, good show. Very long, but good. There's small stuff I could complain about, but nothing incredibly major. Nice work, WWE.

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