Where's the Burn Book?

For Women's History Month, we got Mean Girls on the Raw Roster.
I'm here to get real. Nitty gritty real.

This is a tough one to write, I admit. I'm an adult woman who can't think of a time in her life when I wasn't constantly worrying about my appearance. Ive never been thin, even when I was in the best shape of my life before being diagnosed with kidney failure at age 26. I have been active in athletics all my life from soccer to swimming, and still had a voice in my head telling me I don't fit the standard that is constantly pushed in media. We often ask ourselves if we're enough- pretty enough, thin enough, quiet enough, loud enough, strong enough, worth enough, etc. Yet, here we are watching Alexa Bliss mock her best friends body size and value as a person on tv. Alexa herself said in the past she struggled with eating disorders and being bullied, while Nia Jax openly wept on Total Divas about being bigger and tall and standing out. Previously Mickie James was the target of old lady jokes and fat jokes like Piggy James. During March there was backlash for naming the women's Battle Royale after Moolah (and rightfully so) to have it rebuked. So why when the WWE pushes for women being strong and powerful and making history and paving the way for young girls, do they throw these best friends into this garbage storyline that these women have history with? And that doesn't even include how they write Alexa treating Asuka. When Asuka debuted to make her decision to face Charlotte, Charlotte had nothing but praise for Asuka as a competitor and her talent. Bayley and Sasha are feuding it out beautifully over friendship and feelings and claiming to be the better wrestler. Absolution and the Riott Squad are trying to prove they're better than anyone who is on the current roster and shake it up. So why does it come down to this?

I understand we don't live in a perfect world where we're free from putting each other down or hearing hurtful names, but when the WWE wants to push women as a revolution, this is not the way to do it.

Ladies, I've read your stories, your pasts, and your feelings. We're all in this together. Women come in different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, and sexualities, and the world is a better place when we accept that about each other and lift each other up. I'm grateful I have good women in my life, and I hope you do too.

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