A Bunch of Stuff Happening in Wrestling Right Now

Yes, we're going with the "here are some links to wrestling news" because, hey, we might as well turn the time we spend reading wrestling news into #content!

Let's go!

The Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre match at Hell in a Cell now comes with stipulations! The main one is that if Lashley wins, McIntyre won't get to ever challenge him for the WWE Title again. So, this means we're all definitely hoping Lashley wins, right? They can't possibly keep doing rematches...

Apparently the WWE Draft is going to happen in late August. So, that's.... exciting?

Speaking of announcements that aren't actually exciting, apparently Cody will have something to say on Dynamite this week.

It will probably be something about how "AMERICA ONCE AGAIN TRIUMPHED OVER EVIL" because this is about the greatness of America and certainly not being done to show evidence of his usage of the "American Dream" trademark to satisfy the the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He may even say something about Pride Month because, you know, when you think of Pride Month, you think of Cody Rhodes merchandise

Finally, in the podcast world, Bruce Prichard talked about Ahmed Johnson. I'm dumb, but I liked Ahmed Johnson. I know all the stuff about his work in the ring and his attitude backstage and his inability to do promos, but he was a cool character at the time.

Okay, that's it! Go back to your normal lives now!

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