Shameful Wrestling News: June 17, 2021


I spend too much time reading about wrestling online, so now you have to:

AEW is heading to New York City in a big way. They'll be holding a live "Grand Slam" Dynamite special from Arthur Ashe Stadium on Wednesday, September 22. This sounds really cool. I've never seen a wrestling show in a tennis stadium before, but the seating layout looks great for wrestling. Can AEW sell 20,000 tickets to a Dynamite in NYC?

"I'm sure we could have gone to the Garden or done the Barclays Center, but those do have a WWE brush on them. Let's go somewhere else and make it our New York market arena. Let's go to Arthur Ashe Stadium and that now becomes an AEW stronghold in the middle of New York"

Sure, Chris. Either way, the show should be cool.

There's a rumour that the King of the Ring tournament could be coming back. I'm an old man, but I like the KOTR and think it should be its own PPV.

However, WWE is likely going to do it as one of their themed shows. Themed shows are a good idea and AEW has had a lot of success with them. It makes watching the weekly shows less monotonous. Each episode of Raw, for example, shouldn't feel the same and in the modern world, they all do.

Roman Reigns is talking smack about John Cena and the Rock, so WWE is likely setting up both of these matches, which could be good. Roman should win both. The person who eventually beats Roman for the title should be a full-time WWE wrestler.

Gerald Brisco says Vince McMahon doesn't "surround himself with yes people." Okay, sure. And I don't waste my time on the internet....

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