Vital Wrestling Issues N' Stuff: February 10, 2022 Wrestling News


Shameful Wrestling News for February 10, 2022

You want wrestling news? We've got wrestling news! You want snarky comments about each story? We've got that too! You want actual reporting? Well... two out of three isn't bad! 

Here we go!

Unless you've been living under a rock (not The Rock), you know that Keith Lee made his AEW debut last night. It was a very strong debut and he has to be one of the favourites to win the Face of the Revolution ladder match now. 

Speaking of AEW debuts, Jay White also showed up on Dynamite! NJPW has mentioned his debut on their official website. It will be interesting to see how this apparent NJPW/AEW relationship will continue, especially since Impact also has a relationship with NJPW. All we want is All In 2. Please give it to us. 

One more note on yesterday's Dynamite. Did you catch how Matt Hardy walked away from the ring through the crowd last night? That was just like his brother Jeff! I'd like to see the Hardys in AEW, especially if they end up in a feud with Private Party. 

Continuing his streak of saying very dumb things, Bully Ray thinks Bill Goldberg should beat Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. Ending Roman's title reign in this way would be absolutely awful.... which means WWE might actually do it.

You may be shocked to learn that Vince McMahon's son Shane hasn't been blacklisted from the family and kicked out of the company following his booking of a single match at the Royal Rumble. It looks like he's still doing business stuff for the company. Honestly, I know it's the internet, but the number of people who were seriously convinced that Shane (and Triple H) were going to show up in AEW or start their own wrestling company made me feel sad.

Apollo Crews says he "would love" to go back and work in NXT. This surprises me because I forgot Apollo Crews existed. Great job, double-double-e!

Tony Khan says he's not running for Congress. Which is too bad because I'd like to see him tease bills and votes on Twitter every week and plug every meeting as a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT. Also, I would personally love to call him "Tony Khan-gress."

Speaking of Tony Khan, he recently said that he "can't renew all of the contacts" that are coming up soon. That makes sense. Contrary to what WWE stans with Roman Reign's avatars on Twitter may say, letting a contract expire is not the same as releasing someone. AEW can't employ everyone, but honouring the terms of their contracts rather than letting them go whenever the company wants more money seems like a much better way to do business.

And, finally, likely due to the size of their current roster, AEW is having a special Thursday episode of Dark tonight on YouTube. Using YouTube specials more often seems like a good idea since you can't get everyone on TV all the time. 

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