Vital Wrestling Issues N' Stuff: Wrestling News for February 23, 2022


Shameful Wrestling News for February 23, 2022

The world of wrestling/sports entertainment/stupidity never stops, so there's always news! And here's some wrestling news for today!


Are you sick of stuff that's fungible? We all are, believe me! The good news is that Paul Wight is going to "produce and star in an upcoming live-action series being made as an NFT called GenZeroes."

In what can only be considered, honestly, not that shocking at all, apparently Shawn Michaels acts like a jerk when he's around the rest of the Kliq. Dax Harwood told Renee Paquette's 'Oral Sessions' podcast that he confided his personal thoughts and struggles to HBK, only to have the Showstopper make fun of him once Triple H, Billy Gunn, and friends were around. Yes, I know Billy Gunn and Road Dogg weren't actually a part of the Kliq. Leave me alone.

Machine Gun Kelly will appear as a playable character in WWE 2K22, so that's certainly a thing that will happen. 

Speaking of WWE 2K22, Kenny Omega says it looks "absolutely gorgeous" and notes that the AEW game will "never be able to compete with the production value of WWE’s game." Instead, the AEW game will be more focused on gameplay and "fun."

Bray Wyatt/Windham Rotunda is making a horror film. I hope it's based on that Hell in a Cell match, because that was certainly horrific. 

Tony Schiavone said he was shocked that Cody Rhodes left AEW, which is probably how literally everyone feels about this situation. It still feels very strange. Is this real life?

And, finally, Mick Foley has filed a trademark for the term "Cactus Jack" which is probably related to merchandising. I can't wait to buy a Cactus Jack foam finger or whatever in 2022.

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