Will Cody Rhodes Jump to WWE? Is He Still an AEW EVP?


You can say a lot of things about Cody Rhodes (and we do) but the man knows how to get the internet buzzing. It started this morning with a Tweet from Cody:

There was also a similar Tweet from Brandi:

And then a Tweet from AEW:

Of course, the rumours started flying! Dave Meltzer reported that "the two sides didn't come to terms on a new deal after six weeks" and that Cody "could legally be on WWE TV at any time" while also saying that lawyers were involved.

Whatever you think of Cody as a performer, him leaving AEW is a big story. Now is this a "Cody working the internet" story, a "Cody is sick of AEW booking but he's still an EVP" story, or a "Cody has completely left AEW and he's going to face Triple H in a WrestleMania match where the entrances take 37 minutes before he quickly jobs" story?

That remains to be seen. It initially felt like a 100% work, but there is a chance that it's not. The most likely course is still that Cody heads to NJPW for a bit or ROH if it ever returns and then comes back to AEW in hopes of a huge pop. But could it be more than that?

WWE would LOVE to take a big figure like Cody from AEW and, even though he'd soon be trading wins with Dolph Ziggler on Main Event, having Cody Rhodes return to the company he has insulted so, so often would be a big deal. 

It honestly comes down to whether he's still an EVP at AEW, which isn't quite clear right now. That could be why there were lawyers involved. If Rhodes is still an AEW EVP, he's not signing a WWE contract. But if he also resigned from that role? Then it could be interesting.

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